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2 ft. LED T8 TUBE Type B

2ft Microwave Sensor LED T8 TUBE 8W Type B

Part No.:EDI-APT8-2F08-B
Power:8 W
Luminous Flux:1040lm 

Product Features
1. Microwave Sensor, 120-degree sensitive angle and 6~8M distance. 2. 30s~120s interval can be set. 3. Full light - slightly light or turn on/off Induction mode
4. T8 shape with G13 socket and other different socket type options available. 5. Optimum light uniformity and high color homogeneity. 6. Overpower, short and open circuit protected. 7. Long lifetime: 50,000 hours with 3-5 years warranty. 8. NO noise, NO flicker, NO UV and IR. 9. Mercury-free and RoHS compliant. 10. Comply with CE, FCC and UL standards. 11. Extremely robust with aluminum heat sink and polycarbonate cover. 

Physical Specifications

Module EDI-APT8-2F08-B
Length 600mm/2ft
Weight 130g
Housing Aluminum Base + PC Cover
Lens Milky/Clear
Tube Diameter 26mm
Base Type G13/Rotatable
Work Environment Indoor use
Electrical Specifications
Module EDI-APT8-2F08-B
LED Quantity 120
Power Consumption 8W±1W
Input Voltage 100-277ACV
Driver Internal driver
Power Factor >0.95
Light Source SMD 2835
Operation Temperature -20~40 °C

Optical Specifications

Module EDI-APT8-2F08-B
Power Consumption 8W±1W
Lumens 1040lm
Luminous Efficiency 130lm/W
Certificate CE
Color Temperature
Warm White: 2800K-3200K
Natural White: 3800K-4200K 4700K-5300K
Cool White: 5700K-6200K
CRI >80
Beam Angle 120 Degree

Installation Guide

Retrofit procedure
1. Turn off the power to the light fixture at the breaker panel before installation.
2. Open the diffuser from the light fixture.
3. Remove the fluorescent tubes. Please dispose of these items properly as they contain mercury.
4.Cut the wires shown as the diagram below.

5. Make the new wire connect to branch circuit shown as the diagram below.
6. Replace the cover over the wiring channel.
7. Install the LED tubes, close the diffuser.
8. Turn on the Power.

    This product has a warranty of period of 5 years from the date of purchase. The warranty is invalid in the case of improper use, installation, tampering or removal of the Q.C. and/or date label, usage in improper working environment or installation not according to the current edition of the National Electric Code. Should this product fail during the warranty period it will be replaced free of charge, subject to correct installation and return of the faulty unit. Manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any installation costs associated with the replacement of this product. This warranty is in addition to the statutory rights in your country of purchase. Manufacturer reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. 
Packing / weight

Module Qty/Ctn
Outer box
EDI-APT8-2F08-B 25 24.6x7.28x7.28 7.72